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Who is she anyway?

Hey! I'm Anna,  a Staff Industrial Designer at Smart Design in New York. My educational background is in Industrial Design (BSD) and Design Management (BA) as well as a minor in Spanish language from Arizona State University. Prior to joining Smart Design, I interned at Adidas as a Footwear Designer, Hasbro as a Product Design Intern, Unilever and a few other local companies. I'm a desert child, born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona but I've had some incredible opportunities which have allowed me to visit over 17 different countries and 40 of the 50 states in my 23 years on earth. I'm passionate about sustainability and caring for our planet, I have a love of photography, bouldering, and exploring new places and foods!

I have fun facts that I'm happy to share and jokes that may or may not make you laugh. If you want to hear them or you just want to chat... contact me using the information below!

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What is she up to?

Work Experience

Smart Design -  Staff Industrial Designer | New York, New York - Remote (December 2020 - Present)

                                   Industrial Design Intern | New York, New York - Remote  (June 2020 - November 2020)

Adidas - Footwear Design Intern - Running | Portland, Oregon  (May - Aug 2019)

Hasbro - Product Design Intern - Play-Doh | Pawtucket, Rhode Island  (Jan - April 2019)

Unilever - Industrial + Packaging Design Co-op | Trumbull, Connecticut  (July - Dec 2018)

Achen-Gardner - Graphic Designer | Chandler, Arizona  (Aug 2017- May 2018)

Scabetti - Industrial Design Intern | Staffordshire, United Kingdom  (May - July 2017)

Tennen Studios - Industrial Design Intern | Phoenix, Arizona  (Oct 2016 - April 2017)

EchoHouse Films - Storyboard Artist, Currently Art Director | Scottsdale, Arizona  (Oct 2016 - Present)

Jacobs Engineering - Traffic Design Intern | Phoenix, Arizona  (May 2016 - Oct 2016)

While at these places, I was lucky enough to help out with the following products or experiences that have been brought to market:

Women's Representation in Basketball Photography (Adidas) Project Driven by Wesley Manning

Play-Doh Cash Register Toy, Screen Illustration and Design Revisions, 

Play-Doh Disco Minions, Prototyping, Outfit testing, Model Making

Play-Doh Lollipop, CMF design, prototyping, pattern designs

New Compounds (Play-Doh), Play Testing for Snotty Scotty (Play-Doh),

CMF for Fundamentals Animals Tool Set (Play-Doh)

CMF for Shape and Learn Letters and Language (Play-Doh),

Dove Moves to 100% PCR Labeling and Prototyping (Unilever)

Prototyping for Dollar Shave Club (Unilever)

IMDB Credited Storyboard Artist for Girl on Wave (EchoHouse Films)

Awards + Honors + other fancy stuff

Whipsaw Senior Design Showcase 2020 - One of 10 students nationally selected to present their senior thesis Magna Cum Laude - Arizona State University 2020

Design Excellence Award Winner 2019 - Arizona State University 

Design Excellence Award Nominee 2018 - Arizona State University

Design Excellence Award Winner 2017 - Arizona State University

Teacher's Assistant - Arizona State University, The Human Event, Upper Division Spanish Courses

Student Representative - The Design School at Herberger Institute, ASU

Want to talk design, or just wanna chat?

I promise I'll get back to you real quick!