Sunday Shoeday

Today I took to a brand new project, I've been tasking myself with new design sprints more often to increase my speed and ability to create intentional graphics under pressure. This specific project had a 2 hour time limit (with a one hour break for lunch--I can't control my hunger!) In the two hours I had to come up with a concept and bring in to sketch render level. I have had on my brain a Chelsea boot sneaker for a couple of days, not the most practical but I thought it would be fun to design.


After quickly sketching a couple of ideas I took to making some lifework for my rendering. I built the linework off of an existing frame for a similar silhouette and then began the rendering process. I decided I wanted the boot to be made of a wool upper, and a recycled plastic midsole, with recycled rubber outsole.

Without further ado: the final sketch render! The sketch render took me 45 minutes including selecting, importing and adjusting materials. (Unfortunately, you must have tiny ankles to wear these shoes...)