Chair Reupholstery

A few months ago, walking down the street in Brooklyn I stumbled across a roadside find: a knockoff Orange Slice chair! While it wasn't in the best condition I took it home and wrapped it in trash bags until I had figured out a plan.

After deconstructing the piece and giving it a good clean, I found that most of the chair was in great shape, just needed a little reupholstering job. I travelled out to FabScrap (a scrap fabric shop in Brooklyn) to see if I could source some fun upholstery fabric. I left with several yards of this Maharam "Honeydew" fabric, and about 10lbs of other fabric!

I got to reupholstering the chair, which started with deconstructing the piece, cutting pattern pieces and tightly wrapping the fabric and securing it with a nail gun. After a few hours of work, and a few weeks of a half finished chair sitting in our living room, the chair was finished!