Orbit is a Jigsaw for family-friendly projects. By changing the design language of the modern power tool we can make DIY projects more accessible to a wider audience. Increasing the accessibility and friendliness of these products can raise interest in home improvement and other interesting creative projects within the home. 
I purchased an old Jigsaw from a family friend to tear apart and examine the internals and the motor assembly. From this teardown, I was able to create a rough LCA to examine the environmental effects of the current tool and highlight ways to improve the environmental impact. 

The Problem:

The majority of power tools on the market today look very similar. They are rugged, aimed towards men, and have a very intense design language. While their outside appearance is threatening to first-time users, many power tools are easy to learn and can be used for a variety of safe projects in the home. Of all of these tools, a jigsaw is one of the most useful and versatile tools for a DIY enthusiast. The current lack of approachability of power tools stifles creative expression and access to unique and interesting projects. 

Visual Cues + Design Language:

Consumer Interviews:


Emphasized the versatility of the tool, the ability to cut a variety of materials, tool-less blade change is important to him as well as multi functionality.

Quality of the tool, visibility is poor, quick and simple blade change, case and storage is important.


Tool needs to be easy to use and ergonomically pleasing, but ultimately safe for the user. The weight of the tool could be lighter.

Emphasized the value of good materials + quality tools, the foot of the tool is too harsh on delicate materials, she tapes the base of the foot to protect the materials.


He stressed that the weight of the tool was often too much over time, quality materials create quality outcomes.

Values a comfortable grip, easy blade change, modularity /  adjustability of the tool, he stressed the variety of ways people hold their saws.

Existing Product Teardown:

Ideation + Concept Development:

Final Concept:

The final model was modeled in SolidWorks and rendered in Keyshot. It was ultimately 3D printed and painted with moving parts. 
This project was nominated for Design Excellence in the Spring of 2018.

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