Canon Emprise

The Canon Emprise is a starter-level DSLR camera focused on educating the user about manual photography. Utilizing the ubiquitous phone screen in place of an expensive screen makes the camera more understandable and affordable to the modern generation. 

The Problem:

Photography has always been an expensive hobby and career option. With the overwhelming use of smartphones today, many people have become used to point and shoot photography and taking burst pictures hoping that one of the shots will work well. The current user interface on popular DSLR cameras is not intuitive and gives the user no insights on how to use manual settings, so many amateur photographers never learn them. Ultimately, purchasing a DSLR is a big decision and even base-level equipment can cost upwards of one thousand dollars making this artform widely inaccessible. 

Brand Language + Inspiration:


Consumer Interviews:

"I bought my first camera at the age of 12, it was a simple point and shoot but I brought it everywhere with me. After my first summer job at the age of 16, I purchased my first DSLR, which at the time was around 600 dollars for a body and lens. Every couple of months when I had saved up enough money I would buy a new accessory, maybe a fisheye lens, a tripod, or a camera bag. I spent all my money on photography equipment, I was obsessed. It took me a few months of research online and asking friends and family to figure out a lot of the settings on my camera. To be honest, there are still some I don't fully understand."
-Sydney P.
What would you change about your DSLR if given the chance?
"Wow. Well, I think I would change a few things. Firstly, I shoot with a 5D Mark II, and it's pretty heavy, so I would lighten it if possible. Secondly, I would make it more user-friendly. It took me ages to learn how to utilize the majority of my camera settings, and a lot of research online and watching youtube videos. Otherwise, I love my camera so there's not a lot I would change!"
-Caroline H.

Ideation + Exploration:


User Interfaces:

The focus of this design element was to make the camera interfaces more intuitive and provide real-time feedback to the user. When the user adjusts the aperture, the screen will adjust the display to produce the effect.  Immediately after taking the picture, the user can edit their images to adjust for overexposure or other lighting adjustments. The photo will retain a log of information of user settings to help beginners remember which settings worked best in each environment.
emprise mockup.png

Final Concept:

The final model was modeled in Solidworks, and rendered in Keyshot. It was then 3D printed and assembled with vinyl graphics and painted. The user interface was implemented in "functional" testing using adobe XD.
This was awarded Design Excellence by the ASU Herberger Institute in the Spring of 2017.
Asset 1@4x.png
camera shot_edited_edited.jpg