While interning at Adidas, the design and creative interns decided to put on a showcase of our work external to our internship. This showcased our talents in design and the arts, as well as stories about us. For this showcase, I created two 88-page booklets that shared the stories of two of the places I have lived in. At adidas, there is a framework of intent based on the "key cities" which include places like New York and Los Angeles. This framework was a spark to create and tell the stories of the "Not so key cities" through footwear design. The imagery below tells the story of Phoenix, Arizona and Pawtucket, Rhode Island.



At ASU within the Industrial Design program the course of action is pretty clear. Graduate in four years, hopefully get an internship somewhere in that range, and then get a full time job somewhere, designing something. After the crazy year that I've just had, I decided to take a second to reflect on breaking tradition.

Okay, so I definitely planned to graduate in four years. But the cool thing about plans is that they're always changing! After three years at ASU, I accepted a six month internship with Unilever in Connecticut where I worked on all things sustainability and packaging. I've tried probably 30 different body washes (I'm a great reference if you're looking to try a new body wash), I know the ins and outs of the Target personal care aisles, and I can happily say that it was a total pleasure working with a team of incredibly talented people to design the future of skin cleansing products.

After my six months at Unilever I had the opportunity to work on one of my favorite childhood toys, Play-Doh. So, in January of 2019 I repacked the car and drove all my belongings from Connecticut to Pawtucket, Rhode Island. I spent the next four months working at Hasbro, greeted every morning with a giant, smiling Mr. Potato Head. I learned the ins and outs of the toy industry, put my design skills to use on a couple of products--some that have already released and some that will be releasing in the next few years! I experienced my first snow day, got lost on the streets of Boston, and made some incredible friends. 

Ultimately, after ten months after leaving my home state of Arizona, and thousands of miles on my trusty Mazda CX-5 I accepted an internship in Portland, OR working as a footwear design intern for Adidas. While working at adidas I refined my photoshop skills, learned all about how shoes are made, did the hot wings challenge (I definitely cried), and filled my closet full of the three stripes. So now I'm beginning my fifth year, focusing on refining my skillset, weaning myself off of caffeine, and enjoying my final year.   

Thanks for tuning in for a little bit of reminiscing and reflection. I guess we'll see what the next year has in store for me!

Today I took to a brand new project, I've been tasking myself with new design sprints more often to increase my speed and ability to create intentional graphics under pressure. This specific project had a 2 hour time limit (with a one hour break for lunch--I can't control my hunger!) In the two hours I had to come up with a concept and bring in to sketch render level. I have had on my brain a Chelsea boot sneaker for a couple of days, not the most practical but I thought it would be fun to design.


After quickly sketching a couple of ideas I took to making some lifework for my rendering. I built the linework off of an existing frame for a similar silhouette and then began the rendering process. I decided I wanted the boot to be made of a wool upper, and a recycled plastic midsole, with recycled rubber outsole.

Without further ado: the final sketch render! The sketch render took me 45 minutes including selecting, importing and adjusting materials. (Unfortunately, you must have tiny ankles to wear these shoes...)