In the fall of 2019 I did a week long exercise focused on branding and packaging. I selected a company (Glossier), designed a new perfume bottle in line with their branding, and then created a final model to represent the design. The final model was functional although instead of spraying perfume, it sprayed ocean mist cranberry juice (the perfect pink colorant!)

One of my dear friends was celebrating her 23rd birthday this November. As I struggled to come up with an interesting and fun gift that matched her personality, I thought it would be the perfect time to test out making a mini planter for my favorite plant mom! I started with some really rough sketching, and then created a SolidWorks model that I 3D printed. After printing the model, I primed the part with bondo to smooth out any uneven surfaces and fill in the print lines before making a silicone mold.

As soon as I had made the mold, I tested my first pour of concrete and I then created linework files to laser cut the base of the planter, which would be made out of wood.

After assembling all the pieces and sanding away any imperfections, I visited my favorite local plant store and picked up a few little succulents to sit in the planter.

Annually, the interior design students at Arizona State host an event called "Light for Hope." At this event they request donations of lighting fixtures and auction them off to raise money for charity. In 2019, I created and donated the light below as a representation of home. The light is made of laser cut wood, and molded and poured epoxy. This light was designed and made in the span of 36 hours, and was auctioned for over 70 dollars at the final event.