Updated: May 29

In the wake of COVID 19, I wanted to ensure that my classmates and I were all able to celebrate our graduation and the culmination of our undergraduate experience. In the span of two weeks I collected information, bios, headshots and project work from my classmates.

To view the website live please visit: www.asuindustrialdesign.com

As an attempt to learn more about Keyshot, I spent a few minutes creating Solidworks models and building a detailed scene to render a Whiskey glass. The following are the images I produced.

In the fall of 2019 I did a week long exercise focused on branding and packaging. I selected a company (Glossier), designed a new perfume bottle in line with their branding, and then created a final model to represent the design. The final model was functional although instead of spraying perfume, it sprayed ocean mist cranberry juice (the perfect pink colorant!)

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